Feelings after 2 months of volunteering


My name is Franck. I’m twenty-five years-old. I’m a French volunteer. I have a master degree level in marketing. Before coming here, I worked in the marketing department of a bank during one year and a half. Now, I’m here in Iasi, for a period of 9 months, and I get involved in a social project within an association called APEC, it’s about promoting economic knowledge. I have been here for 2 months and I’m staying again for these next 7 months.

After my studies, I decided to change my horizon, and live a long-term experience abroad. I was looking for a way to work abroad for many reasons.

At first, I wanted to discover a different culture and meet new people with a different way of thinking.

Then, it’s a good opportunity to learn English, because it’s very difficult to learn English in France, the French school system is not suitable to learn others languages, so, for me, the best way to learn English is to go abroad. And of course I want to learn Romanian language; I think I can learn Romanian quickly because it’s very similar with French language.

And When I’ll come back in France, it will be easier for me to find a job because this experience allows to me to develop my personal and professional skills.

So, when I was looking for a way  to work abroad, a friend told me about possibilities with EVS (European Volunteering Service).  The best advantage is all the project is paid by the European commission, so, for example, if Romanian people want to make an EVS project in France, it’s possible and they don’t need money. Another advantage is to enjoy a big network to meet new people every day, so it’s a good opportunity to share different culture and to know more each other between European citizens.

Firstly, I wanted to discover east of Europe because I have already travelled in a lot of countries in the west of Europe. And I have friends who travelled in Romania and they told me Romania is a great country with friendly people. So my friends convince me to choose Romania. And I was curious to see Romania because for me it’s a special country, I mean it’s Latin roots in the Slavic part of Europe.

Iasi is a very nice city with a great history. Also it’s full of students, they very friendly and open-minded.

I have 2 projects actually. The first one is a collective project with other volunteers. We have to promote volunteering with young people, in high school and universities of Iasi. We will try to encourage them to get involved in social projects.

The second one, it’s a personal project. I am a manager of a cluster in webmarketing. My job is to manage websites and to gather all know-how from companies involved in webmarketing in order to find innovative solutions.

The benefits to make volunteering are huge. You improve yourself, I mean you are more open-minded and more knowledgeable. Then, I think it’s important to feel useful for the society and develop entrepreneurship skills. And I want to say volunteering is an unbelievable human experience and we share with people good time.

Sursa: www.voluntar.ro

Implicat in proiectul Voluntari pentru Viitor, Franck Saliou ne impartaseste povestea lui de voluntar.
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mihsab 09:52
I lived in Iasi for 18 years...it's a great city with huge opportunities for volunteering, also in the rural areas.

Enjoy your stay and explore the surroundings; there is lots of things to see and experience.
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